Respect the Salvation Army's policies, procedures, leaders, and clients.

Arrival should be timely, with volunteers ready to work. Please notify the supervisor upon arrival and inquire what tasks require assistance.

Hours should be documented to include the time of arrival and departure, with volunteers signing in at the beginning and out at the end of each shift. Please inquire of specific hours policies with the supervisor as these policies may vary from program to program.

Attire should be worn that is appropriate and comfortable for your volunteer position. The supervisor can answer questions regarding appropriate dress.

Money may not be accepted from a client under any circumstances.

Use of alcohol and/or drugs is not permitted at any Salvation Army facility. Salvation Army volunteers are prohibited from using alcohol and/or drugs while acting as a representative and performing responsibilities defined by his/her volunteer position. Volunteers are also not permitted to purchase alcohol, drugs or cigarettes for any of the clients.

Smoking is not permitted in Salvation Army facilities or near entrance doors. Please ask the supervisor if there is a designated smoking area.

Prohibited weapons may not be brought on site, including but not limited to any form of firearm, explosive device, or other device that is generally considered to be a weapon. All persons are forbidden from carrying a prohibited weapon of any kind onto Salvation Army property, regardless of whether the person is licensed to carry the weapon or not.

Volunteers working with at risk groups such as children and seniors will be required to have a background check.

Confidentiality is a right guaranteed to our clients and our volunteers. Clients' needs, concerns and personal problems are not to be discussed with anyone other than the program supervisor or staff the supervisor deems appropriate. Volunteer applications, evaluation and other information will also be kept completely confidential.

Accidents must be reported immediately. Please provide all information regarding the accident to the supervisor without delay.

Signing legal documents for clients or on behalf of The Salvation Army is strictly forbidden. Signature or paperwork requests must be referred to your supervisor.

Valuables should not be brought to the volunteer locations as there is no way to ensure safety of such items. The Salvation Army is not responsible for any damage or loss to volunteers' personal property.